‘I’ve never quite understood the obsession with zombies, but I do quite like the Tim Burton type of films, so when I heard about the parody of Alice in Wonderland – itself already an exercise in absurdity – I was naturally quite intrigued. I love playing online slot machines and Alaxe in Zombieland is one of the best I’ve tried!

All your favourite characters are there, but not as you’ve ever imagined them before. Alice takes form in Alaxe, a rather sinister-looking character with blonde curls and a deadly stare. The Mad Hatter takes on a whole new level of madness, eating his exposed brains out of his hat. The zombified Dormouse sits alongside a maniacally grinning Cheshire cat and the Wild brain-on-a-platter symbol. It’s positively gory – but hilarious at the same time.

I really love the way that there are three scatter symbols – a pocket watch, a key and a potion bottle – because it means it doesn’t really matter how many paylines you’re playing; they pay out anywhere on the reels! Your wins are multiplied by the total wager and they each have a bonus around associated with them.

Three of the pocket watch scatter triggers the Tea Party feature. You select one scatter symbol, which will reveal how many teapots you’re allowed to select from the 14 that appear on the reels. Each teapot will give you free spins or a free spins plus multiplier – and then the free spins play out on the reels, so you get to watch your bank balance climbing higher and higher.

Three of the key scatter triggers the Red Queen’s Adventure feature. You’ll be presented with five tombstones, each with five white roses, and you’ll need to select three. If the amount revealed is higher than the tombstone value, you get to progress to the next tombstone. Make your way through all five tombstones and you’ll get to the escape level, where you can escape with multipliers – or be beheaded by the Red Queen!

The last feature, Gravestones, is triggered by spinning three potion scatters. You’ll choose which gravestones are to be chopped by Alaxe and that will give you a prize. The feature ends when Alaxe chops a ‘Collect’sign.

The features are great fun, but of course it’s all about the atmosphere created by a slot game. If you like the kooky and comical, the spooky and spectacular, you’re going to love Alaxe in Zombieland slot!’

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