So you’ve played a slot machine before. But have you played on a slot machine that offers a variety of extra payout features?

Some of the basic slot machines don’t offer these features but if you want to earn more you should look into some of these options. Before you play you should always read through the rules of the game so you can understand the different features and opportunities that the game offers.

Though the games are all up to luck some slots offer more incentives to win with extra features so you have the chance to earn more.

Wild Card
In any sporting event the Wild Card is always a favorite of fans and it is just the same in slots. The wild card option in slots let you pick any symbol instead of the one provided greatly increasing your chances of winning. This option is great choice and allows for the opportunity to really win big. The wild card is fun and easy so if you can find a slot machine with wild card options you have increased your chances to win.

Scatter Symbol
Getting the biggest return of play is the possible with the scatter symbol. Without selecting a payline you still have the opportunity to win big making the chances on earning big very high. And who doesn’t want to have fun while earning money?

Free Spins
These are one of the most classic features that slots offer- these offer an extra spin without having to pay any more.

This option not only increases your chances of winning but gives you an opportunity to re-live the excitement without having to pay anything.

They let you sit back and relax- knowing that you aren’t going to lose anything on that spin and everything you make will be pure profit.

Bonus Games
Not only do the bonus games offer you an additional chance to win money they can be a lot of fun to play.

Bonus games are usually offered on the end of a round or after a certain scenario accrued in the game. These games provide additional fun because they are usually based around the theme that you are given. So if you picked a Slot Machine that has a theme you like the bonus game will be fun too.

The additional features that slot machines offer provide an exciting twist to a classic game.

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