I’m sure everyone knows the statistics – there are over eight slot machines for each person living in Las Vegas. Did you know that slot machines are some of the most popular ones, but, in the same time, take up the most floor space? And here are the reasons: they are unbelievably lucrative, have the progressive jackpots and regular payouts and also, are the ones you always hear about, when it comes to massive winning.

Nonetheless, slot machines are absolutely fun to play, with all those themes and subjects one can think of. And it’s always interesting to see what the game developers come up with: from a trip to an exotic island and exploring different cultures to taking part in fascinating sports and hobbies, there’s always a way to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Ok, so let’s get practical! How does one play these marvelous slots? Read on to find out…

Understanding a slot machine
Could be a land-based or an on-line one; It consists of a variety of reels, typically 3 or 5, and a variety of ways to win, those so-called paylines. Every reel is loaded with symbols, usually thematic, in accordance to the slot machine, but there are also standard, popular symbols, like the King, Queen and Ace or the classic symbols of bells, cherries and 7s, that can be found everywhere.

So, how does a slot machine actually work? Either you pull the lever or push the button, the reels will spin and stop in a specific combination, randomly chosen. The purpose of all this is to get that specific combination of symbols to match the one that you’ve chosen to play, on an active payline. It’s actually quite very simple, as the computer will do the math for you and tell you if you’ve succeeded in finding a winning combination.

How do reels work? Well, those are led by a RNG (Random Number Generator), a very complicated mathematical algorithm that determines what symbols appear on every spin of the slot machine and also, keeps a specific payout ratio.

Playing on a slot machine
You know what’s the best thing about slot machines? The fact that all the combinations on a slot are pre-determined: they are actually random and determined by luck, so how about just enjoying the game? That’s all you need!

Want a piece of advice? First thing first, decide how many paylines you want to play – the more, the better! Afterwards, decide on the level of coins you want to bet on. This will determine the payout, as the symbols pay out a multiplier applied to the coins.

That being said, let’s spin those reels and watch the money come in!

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