Have you ever wondered when slots were invented? It’s actually over a century old already. The brilliant mechanic who had the idea of the game slots and was able to invent the first slot machine was Charles Fey.

The year was 1887, where gambling was actually a huge issue for most states. People at that face many political crises thus gambling was not quite welcomed by the Government. However, this did not stop Fey from creating a lot more machines. In fact the demands were higher than ever.

Fey’s initial design consists of three rotating reels with five symbols – horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and liberty bells respectively. As the popularity increased, his machine was soon copied by manufacturers from New York, namely Pitt and Sittman. These two not only copied Fey’s design, but also improved it to five reels and now has 50-card face slot, which uses poker combinations to win. This new design is the said precursor of the modern design of slot machines.

1963 was the year where the first electromechanical slot machines were manufactured. It was popularly called Money Honey. Manufacturers from Bally Manufacturing were able to produce machines that payout up to 500 coins without any personnel needed.

Just a decade and a half later, video slots emerged. This time, machines are smarter since no one can cheat on them. You can just imagine how many cheaters were there when those first faulty electromechanical machines were utilized. This device went famous in Las Vegas, which now becomes the home of Casinos.

As technology evolves, paylines and paytables are a bit more complicated. But it’s complicated in a good way since it allows you to have a higher chance of winning, unless of course if you don’t read the paytable. Today, 9 to 50 paylines are common. This allows combination of strategies offering you 243 ways to grab some wins.

The long history of slot machines is worth the read since majority of casino’s inventory are still slot machines. Moreover, technology once again enhanced betting to the next level and brought it to each individual’s home by the help of the Internet. Online Slot machines are gaining popularity as of the moment.

With the number of video and online slot machines, players are more engaged with them. Software manufacturers continuously upgrade their games and keep them interactive. In fact, bonuses and other free mini games help people get into the trend. If you’re lucky, you’ll win bigger than you ever thought possible even if you’re just at home.

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